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​​Livingston County Birth Circle

serving livingston county

and surrounding communities

The Livingston County Birth Circle is a free, safe, nonjudgmental forum to share experiences, ask questions, connect with members of the local birth community, or just to listen and be a part of the experience. Facilitated by Certified Childbirth Educator and mom of four, Jenn D'Jamoos, CCCE..  We are working toward the goal of empowering women to take control of their births, to provide them with caring support, sound guidance, and evidence-based information, and to create a safe place for encouragement, healing and connection.  

This group is for women who are planning a pregnancy, are currently pregnant, have recently given birth or are experienced moms.  We all benefit from connecting through our birth wishes and experiences.  Our goal is to form a tight-knit community of women who support each other through the life-giving and life-changing rite of passage we call childbirth.

Find the Livingston County Birth Circle at it's new home here.