The Circumcision Dilemma

get the facts on foreskin 

One of my most popular classes!  All parents are encouraged to attend this by-donation class (give what you can - proceeds benefit Peaceful Parenting.)  Topics discussed include:

  • ​Anatomy and physiology of the intact and circumcised penis
  • Risks/benefits of the circumcision procedure
  • Risks/benefits of keeping him intact
  • Proper intact care
  • How circumcision is performed
  • Pain relief options
  • History of circumcision
  • Medical ethics and informed consent
  • Circumcision culture/Intact culture

2 hours.  Class available in groups or privately.  

Also available to other area CBE's (SE Michigan) as a supplement class, please message me for details.  

The keys to a positive birth experience

Earth Mama Birth offers engaging, fun and informative classes to expectant couples who wish to prepare for the birth of their child(ren.)  My philosophy is that all mothers deserve a positive birth experience.  The keys to obtaining that experience are: 

1.) becoming an informed healthcare consumer,
2.) being your own birth advocate and
3.) building a supportive birth team. 

​In our class, we will discuss the importance of lining up the right kind of support for the birth you want and how to do it.  We will practice techniques, play games, watch videos and have lively discussions.  Partners play an essential role in this process and are equally supported in these classes.  Group and private classes are available..  A variety of other related classes are also offered.  The best time to start a childbirth preparation class is around the middle of your pregnancy (20 weeks) or earlier.  This will provide ample time to learn, practice and absorb the material, as well as work out any ‘road blocks’ that you might encounter in the process of preparing for your ideal birth.  Group classes are 6 weeks in duration and are appropriate for couples coming in as late as 30 weeks gestation. If you are coming across this information later in your pregnancy, have no fear! Accelerated classes are available. If you’ve already given birth and are just looking for a refresher, I can do that, too. I’d love to chat with you about your “birth wishes” and look forward to hearing from you!  

Private Birth Classes

to suit your schedule and needs

Don't want to commit to a 6-week class?  Due Date is quickly approaching?  Looking for a refresher for you and your partner?    Planning a medicated birth or c-section?  Let's chat about creating a class just for you and your partner.

Minimum 8 hour class recommended for first timers.

8 hour private class, $275.  Meets twice for 4 hours each session.  Includes access to Evidence Based Birth Essentials online course.  EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILITY, contact me ASAP to secure your dates.

Have questions or want to register?

Send me a message

please include your estimated due date in your message.  Thank you!

Group Birth Classes

A 6-week childbirth preparation series

Join me in Brighton to cover all the necessities!  We will talk about what normal birth looks like, what to expect in labor and how to know when you are in labor.  We will practice labor relaxation techniques, comfort measures, and ways that your partner can support you at home, in the hospital and beyond.  We'll cover evidence based care, interventions (in and out-of-hospital) as well as explore your birth preferences..  We will also discuss the effect of nutrition and exercise on your birth experience, newborn basics, 

breastfeeding basics and preparing for postpartum.
Group class offered quarterly, see schedule below.  BONUS:My clients will also receive complimentary access to Evidence Based Birth® Essentials, an online class just for parents! In this self-paced lesson, you will learn the six steps of HOW to actually get evidence based care! Valued at $149, this course is free to clients who enroll in my childbirth education program. 

$215 per couple.  

    Contact Me about future group classes 


1..)  Submit a $50 DEPOSIT to hold your spot.  Pay via PayPal below or message me via the box at the bottom of this page to make other arrangements. 

2.)  Balance of $165 (less discount, if applicable) due one week before class begins. 

FREE monthly 

support group

Meets monthly, new topic each month, bring your questions and concerns to discuss with other moms and birth professionals, share your birth story with other mothers, or just listen.  

Livingston County Birth Circle, click here for details. 


group class registration
$50 deposit