We decided late in our pregnancy to have a doula present for our labor and delivery.  Jenn's kindness and warmth put us at ease from the moment we met her, and it was clear that she was very experienced.  This was extremely helpful considering the fact that we had very little time to get to know her before our due date. As a doula, Jenn was amazingly supportive and intuitive.  We wanted to have an intervention-free birth if possible, and her knowledge, support, and input was incredible.  Jenn was a wonderful resource to us both prior to and after the birth of our little girl.  If she didn't have the answers to our questions, she found them for us.  During labor and delivery, Jenn's support was above and beyond anything we expected.  Her warm personality and knowledgeable suggestions and tips assisted me through my contractions, and my husband was able to take several much-needed breaks knowing that I was in good hands.  Our experience would have been quite different if Jenn had not been present!  We would highly recommend her services to every expecting parent!

-- Tracy and Anton


We found Jenn while looking for childbirth education courses in our area and opted to do private classes with her in our home. My husband and I (and our dog Remy!) were grateful for the one-on-one attention we received as well as the customized curriculum. She not only provided us with information about labor and delivery but also gave us pain relief tools and techniques, materials on breastfeeding and circumcision, and assistance with our Birth Plan. We found it tremendously helpful that she presented multiple perspectives in the different decision points we had to make as parents. Even after our son’s birth she has made herself available to me for any questions I’ve had, from breastfeeding to diaper rash, to general infant care. Thanks to Jenn, we felt confident in our abilities to deliver our first child naturally in a hospital setting without the assistance of a doula.

-- Taylor and Clint


Jenn's professional yet fun attitude led me to feel very excited and confident to have her as a labor doula during the birth of my first child. At our first meeting before the birth, Jenn was very helpful in teaching us about different positions and other coping measures while going through early labor at home. We wanted to have a natural birth, so this education was crucial in helping us to avoid going to the hospital's birthing center too early. In early labor Jenn was very helpful on the phone in guiding us on where we were in labor and things we could do throughout the day. Jenn met us at the birthing center and we were so thankful to have her there. She was extremely knowledgeable. Jenn knew to use hot or cold packs to keep me comfortable and she knew to pour water from the tub on my belly to ease some of the contraction pain. Jenn was also very supportive, she knew to give me verbal encouragement and sips of water between contractions. When decision time came about the bag of water slowing labor down and not breaking on it's own, Jenn was very helpful to consult with.  I highly recommend Jenn to anyone expecting the blessing of a child. She listened and understood what we wanted, and matched her childbirth expertise to our situation and desires. She helped us to have not only the birth we desired, but also an amazing birth experience we will cherish forever.

-- Rachel L.


from some nice people

My clients have been an absolute delight to work with and lucky for me, they feel the same!


I was looking for birthing classes in the Brighton area and came across a link for this site. We decided to take classes with Jenn D'Jamoos and let me just say, there are not enough words or time to express how happy and totally impressed we were. I found this site by chance and I am so thrilled that I did. We were able to take 4 private lessons that were customized for our needs and specific concerns. We actually learned SO MUCH I feel like this was a credited college course. Jenn was able to direct us if we had a question she was unsure of, (which were not many) and she was very thorough with all the information. She gave us homework, books to read and helped us organize a birth plan.  Everything we learned really opened our eyes to a lot that we were not prepared for. I can honestly say that spending time learning from Jenn gave me a new confidence about being able to give birth and I am proud to say I gave birth to a healthy 9 lb. baby boy completely natural with no drugs just a few weeks ago.  I felt like with her help and the continued support of my amazing husband, I could face the nervousness and fears of labor and delivery with confidence. During all the lessons my husband was engaged and felt included in all the sessions as my birth partner.  He walked into this birth with a whole new level of knowledge and confidence. I cannot express enough that every penny we spent on these classes was more than worth it.

The time was relaxing and enjoyable as well. Jenn has a very welcoming & calming demeanor which I feel helped us relax more and therefore we were able to learn more.  The knowledge we took from the time spent with Jenn is invaluable to us and I urge anyone who comes across this site to please contact her and just see what she has to offer. I guarantee you will not regret it for one second. When the lessons were over my husband & I both missed her visits! I feel as though she is more like a friend who I can enjoy a lovely cup of tea & shortbread cookies with.  Thanks for the knowledge, support, rebozo everything else you did for us Jenn!! You are nothing short of  amazing!!! 

-- Janel and Mike


My husband and I both had some fears and doubts to conquer as we planned a VBAC for the birth of our daughter. We are so thankful we found Jenn and had the opportunity to have a private class with her. Jenn came to our home armed with books, DVDs, props, and most importantly her experience, knowledge, and truly . . . her heart. She listened to our concerns, focused the class on just what we needed, and totally brought back our confidence in having a successful natural delivery. Aside from the class, Jenn made herself completely available as a mentor and a friend. With Jenn's advice and guidance, we were able to have the perfect birth we had dreamed of. I have recommended Jenn to my close friends and would encourage anyone to reach out to her for pregnancy support - before, during, and after!

- Jessi and Randy


The childbirth prep class was a really great space to figure out what my questions were and see what fears I had.  As we went through the various topics, I found Jenn to be such a wonderful resource.  Her answers were down to Earth and based on great knowledge and experience.  She promoted self confidence and guided us all to be the leaders and planners of our birth experience.  I felt armed with so many techniques and tools that I could use to help my experience be one that I enjoyed rather than feared.

As a doula, Jenn was amazingly supportive and intuitive.  We made the decision to have a doula quite late in the pregnancy so we didn't have much time to bond, but somehow Jenn made it seem that we had known each other much longer.  I felt at ease around her because she was so kind and trustworthy.  I know my birth experience would have been much different without her and I am so glad we decided to have her there.    My husband was also able to relax and be much more present during the labor thanks to Jenn's support.  I highly recommend Jenn!  She definitely made our son's birth much easier to enjoy!

-- Honor and PF